Thursday, August 12, 2021

Bebop Blogging about Mountains

After three weeks of hearing my hoomans complain about bad smoke and haze obscuring their views, they seemed delighted today. We went to a place called Maroon Bells and the air quality was not perfect, but it was much improved. I had to ride on a bus to get there as they are trying to limit the number of hoomans driving into the valley. The people on the bus all wanted to pet me, as did many people on the trail.

Bebop selfie at the Maroon Bells near Aspen, CO

It was very pretty, I guess. I just wanted to smell things on the ground and drink from cool mountain streams. That mountain water is delicious - someone should bottle it. I also chewed on some sticks.

We hiked on some trails and took many photos. Some trails were off limits to dogs due to moose and bear activity. I added some more photos below.

These Aspen trees are very different from our trees at home

The Aspen trees grow in large clusters

Family photo at the Maroon Bells
The flowers and water were nice

There were pretty mountains in every direction

One of the delicious cool mountain streams

- Bebop