Monday, August 9, 2021

Geology, Caves, and Rocks

Today was a fairly short drive distance, but it was packed with activities. We said farewell to a pronghorn near our campsite and departed the campground at Flaming Gorge. We took the drive around the sheep creek geological loop. They do a great job of posting signs as you move into different rock layer areas. The uplift and erosion in this area present a dazzling array of geology. The distant views were still marred by smoke and haze, but we managed to get a few decent close up photos. Elena loves geology, and she was staring out the window with delight. 

On the Sheep Creek Geological Loop

Elena loves rocks

Then we went down to the road to find the longest cave in Utah - Little Brush Creek Cave. Elena also loves caves. This cave is only 1/4 mile off the highway, but no one knows about it and there was no one there but us. There are three entrances, and two of them involve scrambling down a very steep ravine with many loose rocks. We made it to the third entrance, which was more accessible, and went in (with the bear spray on my hip). It was very cool in there, and Bebop was sniffing the scent trails of many local animals.

Heading into the unknown

Elena bravely enters the cave
Then we took another very long dirt (and occasional washboard) road out to Fantasy Canyon. This is a very odd set of rocks eroded into strange patterns by wind and rain. Another couple was leaving as we arrived, so we had the whole place to ourselves. We're doing a great job of isolating from the unvaccinated - and the vaccinated for that matter. 

Fantasy Canyon was one of the most unusual areas I've visited. It's a fairly compact area, and you can roam up and down a few channels to see the bizarre rock formations. As we were driving out, we were treated to a mom pronghorn and two children racing fast across the terrain.

At Fantasy Canyon

Wonderland of rocks

Silly sand gone wild

Lookout rock with a crown

Wild details

Elena reaches out and touches

- Paul


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