Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Bebop is Traveling Again

I saw my hoomans packing the Bebopabago and kept jumping in to make sure they didn't forget me. My plan worked and we are traveling together. Today we drove through the slow DFW traffic for what seemed like forever, until we arrived at Dinosaur Valley State Park. 

My hoomans took me on a nice 5.4 mile hike. I got to splash in a river a couple of times. We haven't seen any actual dinosaurs, but we'll go to the river tomorrow and find their footprints. I modeled next to a dinosaur footprint replica.

Dinosaur footprint and Bebop

Bebop crossing the Paluxy River

Scenic overlook

Our big hike today

I missed a couple of naps today, so I'm going to sleep now.

- Bebop


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