Friday, December 10, 2021

Bebop on Beignets

We are in my dad hooman's old hometown. Today we had some fun adventures. I got to ride a ferry across the Mississippi River to the old part of New Orleans. I had easy access to the life jackets which were under the seats.

Me on the ferry - need a life jacket?
We walked around some old streets and there were street performers, artists, and a lot of "authentic" voodoo places - whatever that is. I could barely find a patch of grass or dirt to pee on. Also the water in the edge of the street was not very clean - muddy, oily, and smelled of alcohol. My hoomans brought some clean water for me to drink.

Then we went to this magic place that made these things called beignets. They are fried squares of dough covered in powdered sugar. They were delicious. 

I am VERY interested in that delicious smelling beignet

Mmmm . . . beignets
Later we rode the ferry back across and drove down to a place my dad hooman called his high school. It apparently closed in the late 80's, but the big oak tress and the gymnasium building were still visible.

Me and hooman dad at his old high school site

Then we had some delicious fried shrimp. I'm eating well here. We walked around my dad's old neighborhood and all the children wanted to pet and play with me. Time for bed now.


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