Monday, December 6, 2021

Central Texas Adventures

We've been busy visiting hooman friends, so there hasn't been much blogging - just adventures. After we left the dinosaur place, we stopped at Colorado Bend State Park and hiked to Gorman Falls. It was a rocky hike, and some rain just before we arrived made the rocks extra slippery. I had no problem with my four legs and paws, but it was a little dicey for the hoomans. At the end there is a steep rocky descent to the falls viewing area. I was like a mountain goat, and my hoomans made it safely with the help of the cable rail some park rangers had built. The falls were scenic, and I looked at the Colorado River. This is the Texas version of the Colorado River. 

My hoomans by the waterfall

Bebop at the Colorado River in Texas
We then set up camp at a ranch very close to our next day's adventure. The ranch owner only took cash so "Biden wouldn't track me." He had two funny looking creatures that waddled around the campsites. His dog had emphysema, which he blamed on his wife's smoking. That guy made me really appreciate my hoomans. 

These animals were right outside our camper door

The next morning we visited a big granite rock called Enchanted Rock. Dogs can't hike on the rock, so I napped in the van while the hoomans went. Then they returned and took me on the loop trail where dogs were allowed. It was a warm December day, and I often stopped to drink and splash in the adjacent stream.

I'm going to lick Mom on the face at Enchanted Rock

Next we visited Pedernales Falls. It was really rocky, and I could show off my mountain goat skills again. The water was fairly low, but it was pretty.

Bebop pondering the waterfall

Then we visited some hooman friends and stayed in their driveway. I saw some deer and miniature donkeys. One donkey was quite loud. I met a friendly dog who lived next door too. We sniffed each other and wagged tails. His name was Muttley.  

The next day we visited Hamilton Pool and Reimer's Ranch State Park. The pool was closed to swimming and walking up under the ledge because the Feb freeze loosened a lot of rock, and we didn't want to be flattened. The incoming water flow was very low. We went to the other park and I got to splash and wade in the Pedernales River. It was fun.

The hoomans at the Pedernales River

Hamilton Pool

We just arrived at the Texas coast and are parked right on the beach just 100 feet from the water. I liked running on the beach, but that water tasted yucky. We get to sleep at the beachfront spot.

On the Texas Gulf Coast   
- Bebop


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