Thursday, August 19, 2021

Final Days of the Trip

Today (8/19) is our last day of activities. The final two days will just be driving 618 miles over two days to return home.

We departed our lovely camp site at the Riana Campground at Abiquiu Lake this morning. On the repeated recommendation of my friend Beth Michalak, we stopped at Bode's General Store in Abiquiu for a breakfast burrito. Beth raved about them, and she was not wrong. My goodness, that was a tasty burrito.

Sunrise over Abiquiu Lake

Beth with a final text recommendation before we departed her house

We then went to the La Vista Verde trail, which runs along the Rio Grande. Several people had mentioned bighorn sheep sightings there. We hadn't even reached the trailhead parking lot when one, who seemed to be acting as the greeter, said hi from the side of the road.

Welcome to La Vista Verde. Parking is just ahead on the left.

Elena, there is a bighorn behind you

Majestic bighorn

Bighorn closeup
Along the 2.7 mile RT hike we saw a couple of other bighorn, including one sunning on a rock. The end of the trail presented a great view of the Rio Grande gorge. That's the same river that was so small and shallow when we stood in it next to our campsite near Creede a few nights ago. On the way back to the van, we saw a group of bighorn making their way along the black basalt rocks.

Bebop surveying the Rio Grande

Find the five bighorns
Elena wanted to visit Taos, so we drove in. She ambled about the square while Bebop and I walked in a park. After that we took the high road out of Taos and through the Sangre de Cristo mountains toward Las Vegas, NM. They have had copious amounts of rain this year and everything was green and lush. It was a very nice drive. 

Bridge over Rio Grande gorge on the way to Taos

We are at Storrie Lake State Park for the night. 

Good night from Storrie Lake, NM

- Paul


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