Monday, August 16, 2021

Bebop on Hiking and Big Floating Donuts

This is Bebop with an update. We are still on our extended adventure. We've been gone for over 4 weeks now. A few days ago, we stayed at a free campsite along the headwaters of the Rio Grande. The camper next door had two large dogs who would go nuts if I walked past their camper. They would run from the front to the back of the camper, barking loudly while their owner yelled "shut up" over and over again. My dad tried to steer me in other directions, but I liked to walk past that camper. I minded my manners and was on my best behavior. 

On Sunday (8/15) we returned to the little town of Creede and drove into the mountains in an old mining area. We were thinking about driving the 17-mile loop road, but it was unpaved and rocky. We've taken a lot of chances already on the trip, and we don't have a spare tire, so we decided to walk up the road a bit.

We climbed high and saw many old structures made of sticks. Mmmm . . . sticks. It was a good decision to walk as we saw a truck with a blown out tire. 

Look at all those sticks. I'm going to need some beavers to help.

Good decision not to drive this road - this car did not fare well

Later that day we drove to a house in Pagosa Springs. The people who own it live near us in Fairview, but bought this house recently. I chased one of their rabbits right into his hole. I also saw several deer and made them run just by looking at them.

Sunrise at our friend's house

On Sunday (8/16) we took a long drive out to a river that had a hiking trail next to it. The road was about 10 miles of dirt each way, and some sections were that bouncy type of road. I think it's called Washboard Crap, because that's what my parents would say when we drove over it. 

Dogs were allowed to hike, and we went almost 4 miles total. It was pretty, and I drank from the river in a few places. On our way back, there was some excitement. As we rounded a corner on the trail, something big and white came at us out of the bushes. I jumped to defend our family and found myself face to face with another dog running free-range. I got into my play posture, and we chased each other around a bit. His owners came out shortly after and laughed. It was fun. I forgot to sniff where he was from.


That's me leading the way

Look, I'm an Instagram model

After the hike, we went to Pagosa Springs and mom floated in the river in a donut - I think they call them tubes here. It looked like the biggest donut I have ever seen. It was blue/green, so it must have been blueberry or mint flavored. I didn't bite it to check. Time to take my 4th nap of the day.

Mom in the floating donut



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