Saturday, August 14, 2021

Rocky Mountains (are) High

On Friday (8/13) we camped at a campground overlooking the very depleted Lake Fork reservoir (Blue Mesa Outpost). Saturday (8/14) we took a lightly trafficked road down toward the small town of Creede, CO. I think we drove our highest elevation so far at 11,530 feet across Slumgullion Pass. Then we crested another 11,000 foot pass. The scenery was amazing, as some rain late the day before had cleared the smoke from the skies. We drove across the continental divide a total of 8 times on this trip, as we end week number four.

Near the 11,530 foot Slumgullion Pass
Lake San Cristobal

We stopped at the
North Clear Creek Falls for a lunch break and short hike. Then, we dropped all the way to about 9,000 feet at our free forest service Rio Grande Campsite. There are just 7 sites along the headwaters of the Rio Grande, and there were still 4 available when we arrived on Saturday early afternoon. With our sliding door open, it’s about 50 feet to the river, where Elena immediately began to wade.

North Clear Creek Falls

Elena in the headwaters of the Rio Grande

After four weeks on the road, Elena was craving a little culture. She purchased tickets to an outdoor play in Creede, CO and we put on our best layers and went into town for the evening. We even ate out for the 2nd time in four weeks. The show was just cancelled due to nearby lighting. We really love having our house with us - it’s very convenient.
The play cancelling storm moving in
- Paul


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